Tuesday, 4 October 2011


well, it's official...i suck at blogging...for several reasons...

reason #1.  i don't blog enough.
reason #2.  i decided to stop baking after i started the blog...that's a story for another day though...
reason #3.  all of the things i want to blog about, have nothing to do with baking.
reason #4.  i know nobody is reading my posts, so i'm tempted to spill my guts, but what if someone does?  will i regret what i publish?  probably...
reason #5.  i am truly coo-coo-bananas.

i really should elaborate on those points, yet i'm afraid to...did i start this blog purely at the wrong time?  perhaps.  is my passion for baking really gone?  maybe.  will i figure everything out?  doubtful.  will i find peace of mind?  i think so.

thanks for listening.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


cupcakes are actually where i got my start...i made some chocolate stuffed, vanilla, chocolate monogramed cupcakes for a family friend's wedding, and they were a hit!!! and people started asking for more...

who knew that two years later i'd be saying NO to orders!!!...crazy...anyway, here are a few different cupcakes that i've done...


my nieces and nephews LOVED theses!
my first cupcakes! JBT monogram

the candy molds took forever, but so worth it!
april fools' day cupcakes!

something super simple for a holiday party
s'mores cupcakes - marshmallow buttercream yummmm
labtech retirement cupcakes - candy melt blood drops

Monday, 12 September 2011


sorry guys,

got some bad news last night, lost a really dear friend.  not really a great start to blogging..
i guess what i'll do is post some pictures of things that i have already done.

i have been baking for a couple of years, trying not to be TOO busy as i already work full time.
here is a sampling of some of the cakes that i've done...and remember...i take terrible pictures!!!

i'll bring you some cupcakes in my next post!

baby shower
lab tech retirement
videographer's birthday
21st birthday
40th birthday

thomas themed birthday
trololololo!!! 40th birthday (youtube it!)
baby shower

nurse's birthday

Saturday, 10 September 2011


so i thought that i would take a stab at this whole blog thing.

my intended focus is to be on my custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, however i'm sure that things from my life will sneak their way in here somehow!

anyway, i will post pictures of my work, but please understand that i am a TERRIBLE photographer!!!

welcome to my life...

oh!! and here are my babies!!!